Clerkenwell Open


WOD is known for its well curated knowledge based learning and networking events and we will be bringing the same to the Clerkenwell Open Festival.

The 5 themes curated for this festival are based on the research and insights about the trends and issues in the workplace and commercial design industry. Our aim is to bring thought-leaders and experts from our industry to interact with the festival visitors and share their research and knowledge through talks and workshops. The idea is to have open conversations about these topics where the audience will participate and not just listen in.

WOD have also planned some fun workshops and events that will bring different sections of the industry together. So RSVP below for the events as soon as the registrations open as there will be limited seats for each event.

Wellbeing in Workplace Design

When: 9th September, 10:00am

WOD Host: Joanna Knight

Venue: Shaw Contracts

Format: Panel discussion

Speakers: Martin Anderson (The Well Workplace Ltd.) , Gurvinder Khurana (Align Interior Architecture & Design), Sarah Miles (Arcadis)

How can we design a space that can foster wellness-minded workplace? The WELL standard was developed to put focus on human-centered design and construction that positively impact health and wellbeing. But as designers how do we break these standards down and simplify them for our clients.

Lets break the mould and simplify the terminology of wellness and wellbeing.


Circular Economy is a Shared Responsibility – how we ensure our workspaces are enabling circularity in practice

When: 9th September, 12:00pm

WOD Host:
 Harsha Kotak



Luke Palmer (Orangebox)

Ignoring our collective consciousness on climate change will damage company culture and brand values. A carbon focussed circularity is a key component in rebalancing our emission trends and here we explore furniture based considerations you should be making moving forward. Remanufacturing and lifecycle extension can significantly reduce your carbon impacts, we outline what to consider on a product by product basis.


Office as a Hub for Collaboration

When: 9th September, 2:00pm

WOD Host: Gurvinder Khurana (Align Interior Architecture & Design)

Venue: Viaduct Furniture

Format: Panel discussion

Speakers: Michelle Smith (M Moser Associates), Muriel Altunaga Aguirre (CBRE), Nicola Osborn (Basha-Franklin)

Designers have a responsibility to highlight the opportunities to create inclusive environments within the workplace. One size does not fit all – we must understand how to embrace different requirements, abilities, sociability and learning skills. Inclusive design is the key to hiring and retaining new talent and plays an important role in the success of an organisation.


Future of Works

When: 9th September, 4:00pm

WOD Host:
Harsha Kotak



Kay Sargent (HOK), Neil Usher (Gospace)

The pandemic has accelerated the pace of change in how we work. Many people are now returning to the office but what does the future hold? How can we design for change and evolution? Highlighting the importance of EQ (emotional quotient) in the designing of space and discussing AI (artificial intelligence) as a part of the long-term solution. In this session, Kay Sargent & Neil Usher – the two thought-leaders from workplace design industry will be discussing and sharing their views about the future of work.


From Office to Everywhere

When: 10th September, 10:00am

Design Insider Host: Alys Bryan (Design Insider)

Venue: Herman Miller

Format: Seminar

Speakers: Bertie Van Wyk (Herman Miller)

A Design Insider Seminar.

At Herman Miller, we’re excited about the course toward a more distributed model of work— one where the office and home will continue to play a critical role in helping organizations achieve their desired business results. In fact, we’ve been preparing for this hybrid way of working for a long time.

In this talk, we touch on the three elements that will help organisations navigate a post-pandemic future and share insight from our home working experiences of 20,000+ global responses.


Sustainability & Circular Design

When: 10th September, 11:00am

WOD Host:
Joanna Knight


Seminar & discussion

Georgia Elliott-Smith (Element Four), Jo Little (Planet Mark), Ella Fathi (Oktra)

The office workplace is a major contributor to the climate crisis. How is the design sector addressing the serious issues of sustainability, circularity and waste reduction? This discussion will revolve around the Net Zero pledge by architects and designers and will also discuss the role of furniture manufacturers in translating these pledges to product design, which can be commercially and practically challenging.


Workplace Design & Strategy

When: 10th September, 2:00pm

WOD Host:
Harsha Kotak



Jane Clay (Gensler), Sarah Audsley (Knight Frank), Federica Frangipane (TP Bennett), Tony Antoniou (Rainbow)

Workplace strategy must encompass an organisation’s goals and values. How can designers understand and embrace the issues shaping corporate decisions, and ensure a positive impact for a post-covid workspace? This interactive workshop will have teams of designers from various A&D firms come together to discuss key challenges and device new solutions.