Clerkenwell Open

7th & 8th September, 2022


Viasit Toleo is a sustainable ergonomic work chair that supports lateral movement when seated without the need for additional mechanical  elements to do so. Martin Ballendat gave the backrest support an additional 3d function, thus creating an ergonomically and economically convincing solution in keeping with the spirit of the times.

Viasit Toleo is available with various options including fabric and armrest choices, headrests and coat hangers as well as the choice of mesh or upholstered backrests.

With Toleo, the material options used in the construction of the backrest support were computer simulated using finite calculations to efficiently determine the optimal composition of the material for long-term durability.

The designer‘s art is to bring a wealth of functions into a convincing, coherent form – for example, by means of controls that are obvious in their function; a distinctive backrest that is recognisable as the decisive S-shape element that hints at its mobility.

The timeless aesthetics of Toleo look good in any situation.


Martin Ballendat‘s design approach to Toleo with a value-added kinetic backrest support gives Viasit a competitive edge over products that achieve a similar 3D sitting effect, but with much more complex, and therefore much more expensive construction principles.

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