Clerkenwell Open

7th & 8th September, 2022


At this year’s Clerkenwell Open, Ocee Design invites you inside a universe filled with inspiring constellations as well as dynamic design. Our showroom delivers an activity-based work landscape supporting meaningful collaboration, focused work, and those all-important break out spaces. We aim to inspire, revitalize and communicate our understanding of good design rooted in a people centered approach.

Clerkenwell Open provides the perfect opportunity to get to know our new products and see in person how functional and space-saving they are. Whether that’s the highly  relevant features offered in our FourReal AV, the adaptability of the FourLikes T table, or the endless possibilities offered by the FourLikes 120.

Our new FourReal® AV is the perfect multipurpose piece of furniture, suitable for breakout areas, dining areas, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. With FourReal® AV, you get a flexible and mobile meeting spot for four people, accommodating chair suspension for four stools, together with the possibility to create a room divider, a noticeboard, a storage solution, and a mobile AV solution. Designed by Noergaard Design, FourReal® is the perfect solution for flexible, fluid, and efficient virtual meetings.

Next, the new FourLikes T tables, genius when it comes to accessibility and functionality. The slender central base of the table allows for easy access and ensures no one sits awkwardly around a table leg. Offering a number of power and data options with the cabling discreetly hidden inside the table leg.

Transform open spaces into inspiring, functional, and meaningful areas with our FourLikes® range and the new FourLikes® 120 Convex and Concave modules. The new modules provide the possibility to construct more vibrant, organic, and eye-catching figurations freely.

Finally, you can see our new Seat and Row Numbers. Perfect for larger configurations and creating a practical overview.

Other products worth a mention, the classic InnoPod® mobile workspace that allows you to create a private area exactly where you need it. The iconic FourReal® A XL table perfect for breaking down barriers and fostering an atmosphere of unity and creativity. Lastly, we would  like to highlight our beautiful FourLikes® wall bench, perfect for space optimisation and multifunctional spaces.

These space-saving, multipurpose designs enable constant use, reducing redundant furniture, enabling full utilisation of space, saving square meters, and providing value for money.  

Let’s Furnish the World Better!  

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