Clerkenwell Open

7th & 8th September, 2022


The agile workplace is designed with variety and choice in mind. Flexibility is at its heart and design options are key.

Labyrinth³ by Maine is the perfect workplace divider product for the agile working environment. With modular shelving, personal storage, seating, and planters, it is both versatile and functional.

Labyrinth³ is made up of a family of products and options. You can build your area divider solution to your perfect specification and then finish it with a mixture of metal, wood, glass, upholstery or even acoustic panelling and the matching stools are the perfect way to create a semi private breakout space. For a practical and innovative addition, why not add a writable whiteboard surface to your locker doors as well.

Finally, you can choose to populate the modules with biophilic elements to help great a calming space that contributes to both creativity, productivity, health and wellbeing.