Clerkenwell Open

7th & 8th September, 2022


StepUp Design by Kinzo

Communication platform, platform or exhibition space stepup offers playful freedom.

The extraordinary proportions of the individual modules make it possible to build a multitude of configuration options with just 4 basic items.

All 4 modules result in a platform tower at standing height.

The recesses and different openings in the individual modules, in combination with the different materials, create architecturally-looking structures in the room.

A non-slip covering prevents the elements from being moved and enables them to be used on the second level.

The combination of black MDF in connection with a fabric characterizes the external appearance of stepup and contributes to better room acoustics.

Stepup can be used as a seat platform in open lounge areas, waiting areas, meetings or as a platform for an auditorium.
In shop fitting or in exhibition rooms, the individual modules offer exhibition space for exhibits.

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Systemtronic presents…

A new solution for the home and contract: the Wing collection, created by the designer Mario Ruiz.

It is a system of modular shelving for wall or freestanding manufactured in extruded aluminium.

The Wing collection reflect the clean and comprehensive working philosophy of Systemtronic and Mario Ruiz.

Its design is discreet, with a structure of essential shapes and shelves made of subtle profiles. Each of its models is capable of dialoguing with all types of interiors, giving them a touch of elegance and serenity.

The option of integrating sliding panels and other accessories contributes to expanding and complementing the functional nature of the system, reinforcing its versatile character.

The catalogue of the new collection is available for download. In it you will find all the information about this project.

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