Clerkenwell Open

7th & 8th September, 2022


Wellbeing: Workplace Design’s Impact on Wellbeing

Clerkenwell OPEN 2022 is thrilled to bring you a series of knowledge articles focused on the topics of our four design trails which are taking place at this year’s event; Sustainability, Wellbeing, Innovation and Technology. Kicking off the 2022 series we spoke with experts within the commercial interior sector about wellbeing in the workplace. The COVID-19 era has further highlighted to us that wellbeing in the workplace is of great importance, and something which companies and professionals need to address.

When we spoke to Neil Jenkins, Co Founder and Director of Welltek, he explained that it is important to check if there are stress conditions in the workplace. The quality of the air must also be considered, along with stress levels and noise levels, which can influence a person’s ability to focus. Once you have identified these areas, you can work on improving them. The lighting in a room is also very important, having the ability to affect a person’s mood.

Louisa Eyles, Amtico’s Commercial Marketing Manager, suggests that taking a holistic approach is important when considering workplace wellbeing. Did you know that office workers who have a window seat sleep an average of 46 minutes longer at night?

Mental health has been pushed into the limelight during COVID-19, especially in relation to hybrid working and the design of our workspaces. Having a flexible modular space, activity-based ‘blended spaces’, quiet zones for more intense periods of concentration and spaces that are equipped with integrated technology have all been identified as improving mental health.

Lee & Plumpton consider wellbeing when designing their workplace products, their team know that the product specified for a workspace have an impact on wellbeing, relating to employee satisfaction, their loyalty and retention at a company.

Office ergonomics, which include correct chair height and adequate equipment spacing, all help employee wellbeing in the workplace. Lee & Plumpton’s desk, workstation and task chair options are designed according to the relevant British Standards for ergonomic furniture.

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Across 2 days, more than 50 Clerkenwell showrooms will form a series of design trails across the topics of Sustainability, Innovation, Technology and Wellbeing, bringing you the very best from the commercial interiors sector. Each trail is brought to life by showroom experiences; pause your journey to discover new product launches, speak with sustainability experts, get your creative juices flowing in a hands-on workshop, engage in thought provoking installations and gain knowledge from our industry leading seminar programme.

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