Clerkenwell Open

COmmitment Pledge

In a normal year, 23,500 tonnes of waste is generated at festivals, 68% of which goes directly into landfill, most of it being comprised of single-use plastics.

We’ve had enough of this, which is why Clerkenwell Open has encouraged all showrooms to take part in the COmmitment: a voluntary pledge from participating showrooms, signing a document to show that the interior design world has listened and responded to the environmental threat that we all face. In response, Clerkenwell Open is aiming for:

  • A plastic-free event
  • No single-use items
  • No lanyards
  • No physical maps
  • Free water refill stations
  • Merchandise is sustainably made or eco-friendly
  • Clerkenwell Open decorations are plastic-free (where possible)
  • Product display showcasing manufacturing transparency

The UK government has a commitment to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035. We have taken it upon ourselves to produce a vibrant and engaging event with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Hope you all will join in!

If you would like to know more about our sustainability pledge write to: