Clerkenwell Open

7th & 8th September, 2022


Arper partners with Clerkenwell Open, a two-day showroom trail event to celebrate the reopening of the Clerkenwell Furniture and Design showrooms.

From 9 – 10 September visitors to the Arper showroom will have the opportunity to discover Arper’s latest 2021 collections, reflecting the brand’s values on colours, versatility and attention towards the environment.

Lightweight in form and environmental footprint, Kata by Altherr Désile Park is designed with circular sustainability at its core. Arper’s first solid wood lounge chair, Kata takes inspiration from artisan-made wood and woven straw chairs and reimagines the near universal typology using contemporary, sustainable solutions in an expression that’s both graphic and warm. Kata finds form in juxtaposition—an evocative gesture in the movement between material presence and minimal silhouette, softness and strength, tradition and technology.

Kinesit Met by Lievore Altherr Molina is a sophisticated evolution of the Kinesit office chair, now available in a refreshed palette. Created as Arper’s first regulatory-compliant office chair, Kinesit Met is available with metallic finished armrests and in new, rich and nuanced materials,
colours, and textures. Inspired by the contemporary moment and the evolution in our workplaces and spaces, Kinesit Met is designed for how (and where) we work today – softer, adaptable, and from anywhere. This new palette selection adds refinement and style to imbedded soft
technology, marrying performance and style in a sleek silhouette. 

Design has come home. A subtle gesture, at home anywhere. Continuing the original shape of Aston, Aston Club Low Back by Jean-Marie Massaud expands the earliest collection to offer generous, ergonomic comfort in a minimal form. With open arms, the Aston Club Low Back invites repose, rest, and shelter in any environment—a quiet space all your own. When paired together or placed in group settings, its clean form supports ease in conversation and exchange. A cocoon of comfort in a contemporary, pure silhouette.

Kata by Altherr Désile Park
Kinesit Met by Lievore Altherr Molina
Aston Club Low Back by Jean-Marie Massaud